ChatBot Automation

Prompt responses with ChatBots

Answer customer queries with ChatBot Workflows. Build basic to advance ChatBot workflow to engage customers and capture their interests.

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Create Workflows

Increase customer interactions with ChatBots

Auto-replies with ChatBots

Level up your customer service

Prioritize customer relationships by promptly answering queries on WhatsApp Channel with automated responses using ChatBots. Minimize wait times and enhance business engagement.

Get a no-code Chatbot builder
Create chatBot flows using simple drag n drop blocks
Easily create and test run chatBot workflows
Auto-apply tags, segments etc to conversations
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lead capture with WhatsApp ChatBot
Nurture leads

Efficiently qualify leads with ChatBots

Chatbots can work round the clock and provide consistent responses to inquiries, which can save you time and effort. Build flows that can qualify leads efficiently so you can focus on hot prospects.

Provide relevant info to visitors

Implement ChatBot workflows to offer visitors product/service information, pricing details, and other relevant data, aiding their purchasing decisions.

Capture information

Capture visitor contact and details to gather information about their interest in your business. Utilize this data for lead follow-up, advancing them through the sales funnel.

More features

Try a more convenient & efficient way to interact with your customer

Create chatbots workflows

Setup as many chatbots with different ready-to-use blocks and link with nodes

Push data via API Call​

Send data to your external applications by setting up push API in your chatbot workflow

Use media-rich templates

Setup templates with images, videos, documents, PDFs etc. in chatbot workflows

Action buttons​

Add buttons to take action inputs from customers and record their steps taken in the conversation

Auto-assign chats to users​

Set up workflows with a series of steps and assign contacts to your users automatically.

Decision-based responses​

Set up workflows that let your customers choose from options & initiate the next steps accordingly.

Move Customer Interaction to WhatsApp

24*7 Customer Engagement on WhatsApp

The easiest and most reliable way to be in touch with your customers

Features for the support team

Automate FAQs with ChatBot to reduce response time. Increase customer satisfaction with auto-replies.

Expand Business Operations

Automated chat enables business growth with a small team, boosts profitability, and provides scalable infrastructure

Ready to increase business engagement with ChatBots?

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