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Manage conversations with Shared Inbox

Engage customers with one WhatsApp number. With Team Shared Inbox, your agents can answer incoming queries. Punjab IT’s Shared Team Inbox has everything you and your agents require.

shared inbox Whatsapp with 360 view

More features

If you are looking for a WhatsApp Shared Inbox with CRM features, look no more – Try our integrated CRM

360° customer details

Get complete customer detail, with follow-ups, assigned agents, conversation history, active stage, and media shared on WhatsApp.

Followups threads to log conversations

Let your team add follow-ups to add their views when they talk to customers. This helps understand customers’ needs, demands and queries

Chat reminders on the dashboard

Add chat reminders to have conversations with customers within the active conversation window. View all reminders on the dashboard.

Quick-reply templates

Respond quickly in conversations with pre-defined templates to trigger during welcome, chat endings, delayed response etc.

Create custom stages

Stages help mark customers’ journeys. Create stages as per your workflow and move customers as per the conversations.

Custom fields for additional info

Save additional information about your customers. Create unlimited text fields, dropdowns, date & time, and multi-selection in the form


Assign Chats to your team instantly

Create chatbot workflows to assign chats to your team and let them answer customer queries. Keep conversation histories, and add more information to customer details.

Quick actions to take during conversations with customers
Send predefined templates to customers during chat
Add tags, edit custom fields, change stages and more
Mobile application with shared chat inbox to talk on the go

Manage contacts and more

Scalable to manage conversations with thousands of contacts.

See contact lists, add numbers for new contacts and import/export CSVs
Tag contacts to identify categories such as VIPs, and to get better intelligence from reporting
Personalize and enable user and customer interaction
WhatsApp Chat Platform

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