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    Last updated on: August 2, 2023


    When you make use of our services, you’re placing your trust in us regarding your personal information. We acknowledge the significant responsibility this entails, and we put in extensive efforts to safeguard your data and provide you with control over it.
    This Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with clarity on the kind of information we gather, the reasons behind its collection, and the measures you can take to ensure the security of your information.

    In this document and going forward, specific significant terms are clarified as follows:
    “Punjab IT,” referred to as (“punjabit,” “,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), is the creation of Eadds Digital. It gathers and manages Personal Data for the intentions outlined in this Policy.

    “Personal Data” pertains to any information linked to an identified or identifiable individual (“Data Subject”).

    “Customer” or “Client” pertains to a lawful business entity that has entered into an agreement with Punjab IT to receive the Services.

    2. What is Punjab IT

    Punjab IT functions as a SAAS WhatsApp Chat Platform provider and extends its offerings to encompass additional WhatsApp-integrated applications such as WhatsApp integrated Sales CRM, WhatsApp integrated services, WhatsApp integrated Helpdesk, and more. This product offers a “Conversation Cloud Platform” in conjunction with WhatsApp Business, enabling our Customers to securely store, manipulate, analyze, and transmit messages between their internal business systems and their clientele across a diverse range of messaging channels provided by Punjab IT, as well as third-party channels. This amalgamation of services is collectively referred to as the “Service.”
    Punjab IT is firmly committed to upholding the protection of Personal Data. This commitment extends to the data used for our internal purposes, as well as the data we manage on behalf of our Clients.

    3. Collection and Utilization of Personal Data

    Punjab IT gathers information, including Personal Data, for the subsequent objectives:

    1. Provision and Management of the Service: We collect necessary details to ensure the effective delivery and administration of our Service.
    2. Internal Business Functions: Information is collected for internal business activities that aid in the operation and enhancement of our offerings.
    3. Communication and Marketing: We use data to communicate with you and engage in marketing endeavors.
    4. Recruitment and Personnel Management: Personal Data is utilized for recruitment purposes and the effective management of our personnel.
    5. Service Payment Collection: Information is collected for the purpose of collecting payment for the provided Service.
    6. Enhancement of Service and Website: Data is analyzed to enhance and refine our Service and Website.

    In order to furnish our services to our clients, we gather the user’s name, email address, and phone number, which are securely stored on our servers. These particulars are employed solely for user identification and the delivery of app content tailored to their requirements.

    For an improved user experience and the seamless provision of our Service, you might be required to directly or indirectly furnish certain personally identifiable information, such as your username and Oauth2 credentials. The data you provide will be retained by us and employed as detailed in this privacy policy.

    Our app integrates third-party services that could gather information for identification purposes. Here are links to the privacy policies of the third-party service providers used by Punjab IT:

    This Privacy Policy is not designed to impose restrictions on the use of aggregated and/or de-identified data that can no longer be linked to a recognizable individual (Data Subject) or Customer of the Services. The same principle applies to data that has been processed to the point where it is devoid of identifiable associations.

    In accordance with our privacy policy, it’s important to note that our services are not intended for individuals who are under the age of 16. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of minors, and as such, we do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children under this age threshold

    4. Provision and Administration of the Service

    In the course of delivering the Service, Punjab IT may receive, access, analyze, process, and uphold Personal Data on behalf of our esteemed Customers.

    It is the prerogative of our Customers to define the categories of Personal Data to be amassed and employed within the Service, specify the utilization and revelation methods, and stipulate the duration of its storage. For any queries regarding the utilization of your Personal Data by our Customers, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

    Service Data constitutes the information managed on behalf of our Customers during the Service provisioning. It is important to note that Punjab IT’s privacy practices concerning Service Data are governed by a distinct document, the “Punjab IT Service Data Privacy Statement,” which is presented below.

    This data privacy statement expounds upon the manner and nature of personal data collection from you via our website. The term “personal data” encompasses all data that can be linked to you individually, such as your name, address, email account(s), and user behavior.

    Your data is securely stored on cloud servers with robust encryption measures in place to safeguard all personally identifiable information.

    Should you desire the deletion of your account data, you can request such action by sending an email to

    Upon the cessation of services, all your data, encompassing contacts and conversations, is permanently expunged from our database, unless alternative arrangements are specified upon your request.

    5. Service usage information

    We gather Service Usage Information, which includes details about your interactions with and utilization of the Service. This data is instrumental in comprehending and enhancing our Services, as well as in detecting and mitigating security concerns, instances of misuse, and fraudulent activities.

    Further details regarding Punjab IT’s privacy protocols concerning Service Usage Information can be found in the subsequent sections of this Privacy Policy.

    6. For Internal Business Aims

    Punjab IT gathers the subsequent information from you via our Website, social media, and various communication channels, all serving distinct purposes:

    1. Communication and Marketing Practices: We collect information to facilitate communication with you and execute our marketing strategies.
    2. Responding to Product Demo Requests: In instances where you request a complimentary product demo, we may gather details such as your first and last name, job title, WhatsApp number, business email address, and particulars about your company. This information is utilized to connect with you and facilitate the process of your demo experience.
    3. Addressing Your Queries: When you reach out to us with inquiries, comments, or complaints, we may seek information that allows us to identify you, including your name, address, and contact number. Supplementary details may be requested to assist us in promptly addressing your query or comment. This information could be retained to aid you in the future and enhance our customer service, as well as to refine our service offerings encompassing the Service and Website.
    4. Notification of Product and Service Updates: Your contact information may be used for our own marketing or promotional purposes. We assure you that we do not sell or lease your Data to external parties. Should you wish to opt out of these communications, you have the freedom to do so at any time, following the steps delineated below.

    To opt out of our email list or to request the deletion of your contact details:

    • Follow the outlined steps to unsubscribe from our mailing list.
    • Contact us with a communication indicating your wish for the removal of your contact information.

    Your privacy and preferences are our priority. We endeavor to provide you with transparent options for managing your information and engagement with our communications.

    Collecting Payment for the Service

    For Clients who opt for a paid version of our Service, we gather and process data pertaining to your utilization of the Service, along with your Account Information, encompassing contact details, user profile particulars, and insights regarding your chosen payment method. This information is employed for billing purposes, ensuring a seamless payment experience.

    Enhancing Our Services and Website Understanding

    Your Service Usage Patterns: We accumulate Service Usage Information, capturing data about how you access and engage with the Service. This valuable data fuels our efforts to enhance and refine our Services while proactively addressing security concerns, misuse instances, and fraudulent activities.

    Exploring Our Website: We collect the IP addresses of our Website visitors, along with associated details like page requests, browser type, operating system, and average time spent on our platform. This information aids us in comprehending user interaction with our Website and empowers us to continuously enhance its functionality. In tandem with the mentioned data, our Website utilizes Cookies. Please refer to the accompanying Cookie Policy for in-depth insights.

    Links to Third-Party Websites: Our Website might provide links to external websites not operated by Wati. These links are furnished for user convenience, without implying endorsement. Such linked websites possess autonomous privacy policies and terms. We hold no control over them and bear no responsibility for their data practices. It is advised to review the privacy policy of each visited website.

    Disclosure of Your Personal Data

    At Punjab IT, we uphold a policy of not disclosing, trading, renting, selling, or transferring Personal Data, except as outlined in this policy.

    Instances of Personal Data Transfer or Disclosure

    1. Service Provider Collaborations: Personal Data may be shared with third parties responsible for processing on our behalf, strictly for the outlined purposes. These third parties process personal data based on our instructions, including technical operations, data storage, hosting services, and customer support software tools.
    2. Business Structural Changes: In scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, or similar business transformations, data sharing or disclosure might occur as part of these activities.
    3. Legal Compliance: Personal Data could be shared in adherence to legal or regulatory mandates, responding to legal processes, court orders, and lawful requests from authorities.
    4. Rights Protection and Security: Data sharing may transpire to safeguard the rights, property, or safety of third parties, ourselves, or to prevent fraud. This encompasses enforcing contracts, policies, and conducting investigations.

    We hold paramount your data protection and privacy, and we engage in responsible practices to ensure the security of your information.

    Your Rights

    Access and Correction of Personal Data

    If you’d like to access or modify Personal Data collected on behalf of a specific Customer, we’ll guide you to that Customer. Our aim is to assist Customers in responding to access requests to the best of our abilities.

    For Data You Share

    If you provide Personal Data through our Website or other means, you have the right to request access, updates, or corrections. Simply send us a written request, which might require certain Personal Data for verification.

    Safeguarding Personal Data

    At Punjab IT, we prioritize the security of user data. Our protective measures encompass loss prevention, misuse mitigation, and unauthorized access prevention. We tailor our precautions to match data sensitivity and technological advancements.

    Cookie Policy

    We use cookies and similar technologies for recording log data. These include both session-based and persistent cookies.

    Cookies, small text files, flow between us and your device with each visit to our website or utilization of our desktop application. Unique to your account or browser, session-based cookies remain active during your browsing session and are automatically removed upon closure. Persistent cookies, in contrast, endure until you delete them or they expire.

    Certain cookies link to your account and Personal Data, remembering your login status and your engagement within the Service or Website. Other cookies, while separate from your account, assist in site analytics and customization. If you access the Services through your browser, you can manage cookie settings; however, disabling cookies could affect your Service use.

    Punjab IT establishes and accesses cookies on domains operated by Wati and its affiliates. We also utilize third-party services like Google Analytics for website analytics. Opting out of third-party cookies from Google Analytics is possible on its website.

    Presently, we don’t recognize or act upon browser-initiated Do Not Track signals due to inconsistent industry standards.

    Privacy Policy Updates

    This Privacy Policy may be periodically updated to reflect changes in Personal Data handling. Revisions will be posted on the Website. Continued use of the Service or Website after changes indicates agreement with the updated terms.

    We strongly recommend referring to this Privacy Policy often for the latest on our Personal Data handling practices.

    Get in Touch

    Feel free to contact Punjab IT if:

    • You have queries or comments about this Privacy Policy.
    • You want to access, update, or correct inaccuracies in your Personal Data.
    • You have concerns about the treatment of your Personal Data by us or our service providers.

    You can reach the Punjab IT Compliance Officer by emailing

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